What our customers say


At kinex, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. As specialists in looking after small businesses, it is important to hear what they have to say about us...



“The gentleman who was my call handler was very professional and completely dealt with my call. First class customer service.”


“It is very refreshing to hear from a company that listens to its customers and makes an effort to come to an acceptable conclusion. Many thanks!”


 “The adviser was very helpful. He listened and got to the bottom of the problem.”


“My call was answered in 4 seconds. Very polite lady and very helpful. I can honestly say that it is a pleasure to write a review for this company.”


“I am a new customer and I have phone and broadband. The arrangements for installing were excellent. Any phone enquiries were dealt with promptly. Thank goodness for Manchester staff. When I couldn’t ring Germany, the problem was explained and dealt with.”


“I am not very technically minded but the advisor I spoke to when I could not get my system to work was like a breath of fresh air.”


“Your advice to me when I telephoned recently was most helpful.”


“Thank you for being so kind and understanding with me today.”


“An excellent service, I called for a problem that I thought I had with the phone line which wasn’t due to the phone line in the end but I was still given as much help as possible to rectify this problem.”