The kinex brand promise

As specialists in looking after small businesses, we provide services you can rely on.

We promise to give you great value, quality services and peace of mind.

We’re with you...

Our values


We’re with you ... every step of the way. We don’t hide behind our website, our bills or a call centre on the other side of the world. You can talk to us. We’ll listen. And we’ll explain things in plain English. Our prices are clear, and our service is straight down the line.


You’re busy. We know that. And that’s why we keep our service simple. Red tape, reams of paperwork, business jargon, pages of small print, waiting in queues, recorded messages, automated menus… you can’t be doing with all that stuff, so neither do we. When you deal with kinex, you get a service that’s ‘simply essential.’


We don’t promise you luxury – we supply the essentials you need to make your business work. But we do promise you quality. To us, quality is everything. To you, quality means reliability and responsiveness. And, if you need us, we’ll always give you quality time. Reliable business services.