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We aren't like other utilities companies - we are easy to contact and have no automated messages With kinex, your energy prices will be fixed for three years


We specialise in looking after you - Britain’s small businesses

We supply all the essential business services you rely on at a price you like. And one bill means less paperwork, admin and only one direct debit payment, making the whole thing smart and simple.

You get a reliable partner and honest personal service from a specialist that’s keen to help.

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About kinex

kinex has been set up to provide the UK’s small businesses with their telecoms, mobile, broadband, energy and water at a price that’s right.

We provide essential services you can rely on, and we do it in an honest, simple and effective way.

We offer a 'one-provider, one-bill’ service and outstanding value for money.

And it’s all supported by our dedicated customer service specialists. Our head office is in Manchester, and we have regional offices across the UK. Our customer service centres are all UK based, and we use local rate numbers instead of premium rate ones - and we can be reached quickly too, with calls answered by a real person; no recorded messages or automated menus.