Network Services

Ready to switch or add telecoms services?


We offer a wide range of features to enhance your phone service. See how they could help your business:

Caller Display

If your phone has a display function you can see who's calling before you answer.

Call Sign

Get an additional number for your kinex line. A different ringtone tells you which number is being called.

One Month Call Redirect / Three Month Call Redirect

Let your callers know you've changed your phone number. Choose our one-month or three-month service.

Three-way Calling

Quick and easy conference calling that lets three callers join in one conversation.

Reminder Call

Create helpful call reminders and never forget a business and personal appointment again.

Call Diversion

Don't miss calls when you're away from your phone. Just divert them to another number.

Call Waiting

Juggling calls just got easier. If you're on the phone and another call comes in. An alert will tell you there’s another call waiting and you'll have the option to swap between them.

1471 Extra

Who can afford to miss a business call? 1471 will give you the number, date and time of your last five calls.

Call Barring

Not all calls are welcome. Call Barring lets you reject certain types of incoming and outgoing calls. A personal PIN number keeps you in control.

Anonymous Call Rejection

If you'd rather not take calls from callers who withold their number this service will automatically reject them.

Choose to Refuse

This service lets you block up to 10 numbers of calls you’ve answered before but would rather not again.


1571 is your complete answering service without the machine. You can record a greeting, store messages and even access them when you're away from home.

Call Minder Basic

This answering service can store up to 30 five minute messages. It's simple but effective.

Smart Divert

Make sure your customers can reach you wherever you are in the world. With Smart Divert you can divert incoming calls to alternative contact numbers. You can change the numbers when you like, and a PIN number keeps you in control.

Ring Back

Who wants to hang around waiting for an engaged number to come free. Ring Back will do the job for you and keep trying for up to 45 minutes.