Five Social Media Tips for SMEs in 2016

In modern Britain, social media is the marketing tool that small medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) cannot afford to live without. Over four fifths (81%) of companies recently polled by Constant Contact, an online marketing agency, said they use social media for marketing purposes. Kinex looks at how SME’s can make the most of their social media marketing.

Pick the right channel

Do not try to stretch your marketing resources across numerous social media channels, instead target the platform which best serves your businesses interests. Each platform has a different demographic and purpose, for instance LinkedIn is a business-orientated social networking site, while Instagram features visual content. By targeting your marketing strategy to those social media channels most utilised by your business’ target consumers, you will ensure it proves as effective as possible.

Keep your brand in mind

Your brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets, as it communicates your core values to consumers. Every piece of content you feature on social media should reflect your brand, so you can maintain a cohesive marketing strategy. We would advise you to also think how content will be received by your audience before you post it to social media, to ensure that it fits with your company’s brand identity and tone of voice.

Strike up relationships

As an SME owner, strive to strike up relationships with consumers on social media; these platforms are not well-suited to ‘hard sell’ tactics. Focus on engaging with consumers on a human level by utilising social media to show how you can enrich their lives. It is acceptable to subtly mention your products and services every seventh post. Devote the other six posts to interacting with customers, so you can establish the relationships necessary to generate consumer trust.

Stand out from the pack

Look at what your competitors are doing on social media. Emulate their successful strategies but improve on their mistakes to cultivate a more sophisticated social media marketing plan than your rivals. We would advise you to determine your company’s unique selling points (USPs). By focusing your social media strategy around your USPs, you will stand out from the pack so your business’ brand will prove memorable to your target audience.

Measure your results

Utilise social media performance measurement tools e.g. ‘retweets,’ ‘likes,’ ‘shares,’ and ‘follows,’ to find out if consumers are engaging with your company’s content online. Most social media channels contain analytics features, which allow you to determine how much traffic your content generates. For example, you may discover that your company’s Facebook page is losing followers after posting specific types of content. Armed with this information, you can fine tune your social media strategy to ensure it proves as effective as possible, increasing audience engagement with your content.

Connect with consumers

Effective social media marketing is all about putting consumers first. Strive at every turn to create content your target customer can engage with, so you can disseminate your brand identity and convert online traffic into sales. Optimising effective broadband services, such as those offered by kinex, can help you and your staff stay connected with consumers on social media.

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