Five great ideas for employee motivation

Small to medium sized enterprise (SME) owners, should strive to motivate staff. In turn, this will boost productivity, potentially making your company more profitable. kinex looks at techniques which should help motivate and engage staff.

Hand workers more responsibilities

A poll conducted by Argos for Business discovered that being given the chance to take on responsibility at work was a key motivational factor for more than 25% of UK employees. If you hand workers more responsibilities, they will feel valued and more likely to invest in the success of your company.

Establish clear goals

The same Argos for Business research quoted above found that over half (56%) of UK workers believe they themselves are their biggest motivators. How do you convince your employees to motivate themselves? If you tap into their personal ambition and provide them with clear promotion goals linked to productivity, staff will naturally look to improve their performance in the office.

Reward staff for hard work

Red Letter Days For Business commissioned a poll which shows that 80% of staff who are “highly engaged” in the workplace receive rewards or recognition for their efforts. You may want to think about rewarding staff with small treats when they succeed at work. By taking this course of action, you will show your workers their efforts are appreciated, motivating them to continue working hard.

Hold team building exercises

No employee wants to go into the office every morning dreading working with their colleagues. This is why you might want to think about holding regular team bonding sessions. By setting up situations where your staff have to collaborate, you will enable them to develop positive working relationships, so these team members can operate in an environment where they thrive.

Offer flexible working options

Motivate staff to perform to the best of their abilities by offering them flexible working options. Start-ups writes that 67% of staff questioned by UC EXPO who work flexibly said that taking this option has allowed them to increase or maintain productivity. In other words, many people will want to work harder for an employer who makes it easier for them to slot work into their hectic schedules.

Put your employees first

Motivating your employees is all about putting them first. If you implement initiatives which are designed to improve your staff’s working lives, they will have incentives to boost their own performance in the office, allowing you to raise productivity.

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