Emergency contact

If you have a major leak or burst pipe on your property, please call the Scottish Water Emergency Helpline on 0800 077 8778 who will advise if you need to engage a plumber.

Scottish Water will organise repairs outside of the meter, which is normally on the outside of your premises. Water leaks after that point of demarcation are your responsibility. If you are unsure where the leak is, we will help you to identify this, howver, if the fault is on your side of the meter then this will be a chargeable visit.

For more information call us on 0161 465 6655 or email service@kinex.co.uk.

How to carry out a leak test

If you have a water meter fitted outside your premises, follow the steps below to check for a leak:

1. Locate your external meter – it is usually fitted to the outside stop valve located either
in your pathway or roadway.

2. Stop using water in the property – remember to turn off all water-using appliances,
such as your taps, cisterns and any other water consuming devices you have.

3. Turn off the inside stop valve – this can usually be found under a sink or toilet area
or where the main feed enters the building.

4. Take a meter reading, including the digits in the red dials. If the dial is still recording
water use, please double check that everything is switched off and there are no toilet
cisterns filling up.

5. Leave the stop valve shut and read the meter half an hour later. If the reading has
changed, you may have a leak. At this point it would be best to call a private plumber to
investigate the issue further for you. They will be able to either fix the issue or provide
further information on the cause.