The importance of being balanced.

Admittedly not all of us get the work life balance always quite right. But there’s a shift in change of attitudes nowadays that it doesn’t always have to mean that it’s all work and no play.

We surveyed over 1000 SMES and astonishingly, almost 40% said they didn’t have a good work life balance.

Yes of course, running your own business can be labour intensive and the age-old theory of what you put in you get out is true. But if you don’t get a little R and R every now and again certain areas can suffer, like your home life for example.

That’s why we’ve got some top tips to help SMEs or the at-home worker:

Make a schedule: You have to create your schedule like a normal work day - work from 09:00-17:00, or whatever works for you, and stick to those hours.

Close the door: When the workday ends, leave your working space - and close it off for the night. Don’t answer the phone, reply to emails or organise schedules/social media etc. And if you work from home, regardless of whether it's an office or just a corner of a particular room, don't use it for anything but work.

Stick to it: You have to maintain that schedule, because if you don't you fall victim to creep and that’s when the shift in balance occurs.

Get out: This is essentially important if you work from home. If you find it's impossible to feel relaxed at home, seek external office space. Co-working spaces provide both a neutral work environment and "the water cooler experience”.

How balanced are you? Tell us, we’d love to know how you achieve a good work/life balance. Tweet us @kinexUK