It’s that time of the year. Fresh starts, new beginnings. It’s the perfect time to take a pause, reflect and re-evaluate the past year and charge forward with new ideas and enthusiasm. It’s the perfect time to do more of what you haven’t done in the past – mistakes aside. We’ve put together a list of six “more” things we think you should be doing if you’re a Small or Medium sized business owner.

1. Rest more

If you’re having a long day or are feeling anxious about an important decision to make, take a rest. It goes without saying that resting helps make better decisions. It will recharge your batteries and leave you feeling refreshed enough to take on your important tasks with better clarity. When you rest up and sleep, your brain processes information better.

2. Discuss and debate more

Sometimes, you might think you have a great idea, unfortunately it just may not be so practical. Taking a second opinion from your business partner or your employees is a great idea. Involving them in a discussion about new goals for the company could offer a different perspective about a department because they deal with it every day. Brainstorm and urge them to participate in growth-planning sessions.

3. Learn more

We’ve all made mistakes in the past but try not to dwell on them. Take the hits of 2016 in your stride. Learn from everything you do, every day. Read more books, more blogs, meet more people, find webinars and attend meets. Find the fresh angle and new perspective in everything. It will enable you and your business to grow in 2017.

4. Communicate more

Be social. Get out there and talk about your product/service with the world. Embrace social media, email & phone marketing, blogs and other means of marketing to communicate. Explain why your customers need you in the most concise way and why they should always choose you over your competitors.

5. Customer-ise more

Always prioritise your customers. Focus on service and support and always make it seamless. Review your existing customer base and ensure you’re making them happy.

6. Celebrate more

Stop to reap the fruits of your labour. Take some well-earned time off and celebrate. Organise a company-wide event that recognises your employees’ efforts – don’t just stop at a Christmas party. Feel proud of your company’s achievements.

What New Year’s resolutions has your company made? We’d love to know, tell us @kinexUK