How to run your business anywhere in the world

With technology becoming more advanced every day, you don’t have to work from your office anymore. The kinex team looks at how you can run your business anywhere in the world.

Different perspective

Statistics gathered by Raconteur show that 59% of UK small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) believe that remote working is the future of British Business. Meanwhile 69% of SMEs said that they’ve already adopted a remote and flexible working policy.

Why bother adopting a remote and flexible working policy?  If you find ways to work from anywhere, you can travel the world and gain a fresh perspective, which will provide you with new ideas on how you can build up your firm. Here are five tips to help you run your business from anywhere in the world.

Network online  

Small business owners should focus on making new connections which will strengthen their firm’s operations. You don’t need to always attend a conference to network; you can use sites such as LinkedIn which allow you to connect with other professionals in your field anywhere in the world.

Use your mobile

Staff rely on your expertise, as the head of your company, to do their jobs. You should make sure you carry your mobile phone with you wherever you go, so they can always get in touch. kinex provide the effective business mobile phones service you need to stay connected with your office.

Try video conferencing

Sometimes there’s just no substitute for face-to-face interaction. But you don’t actually have to come into the office; you can use video calling services such as Skype to communicate with staff and clients from any point on the globe.

Adopt cloud storage

If you store your work on your computer’s hard drive, you’ll find it hard to operate away from your business’ premises. However, if you use cloud technologies to store work online, you can ensure that employees can access vital documents quickly and easily, even if you’re a thousand miles away.

Invest in broadband

You can’t work online effectively unless you have the right broadband to help you network, video conference and use cloud storage. Our business broadband provides you with two great packages to suit your company’s needs, so you can work from any location.