How to get your business trading online.

In light of our recent research suggesting that an astonishing 97% of SME’s still don’t sell their products or services online, the kinex team have put together a simple set-by-step guide on how to get your successful physical store trading online without breaking the bank. Take a look…

Will it suit my business?

The first question to ask is, “Is it possible to sell the products and services available in my physical store online?” Obviously many services are not transferrable and don’t particularly work as an eCommerce option. However, if you think that your product will work as an online proposition, it’s worth investing the additional time and effort required. If you’re thinking the time investment could have a negative effect on your current operation, it may be wise to rethink and look at another way to address it.

Creating an online store

There are many ways you can open a simple store but first you will need to set up a PayPal account. PayPal is a hugely popular service which allows customers to pay for and businesses to accept payments from customers without disclosing any financial details. When you’ve made a sale you can then easily (and without cost) transfer the funds to your business account. You only incur a charge when you receive an order which is 3.4% of the sale and then 20p.


As we said, there are many ways of setting up an online store but BigCartel is one of the simplest. It’s loved by designers and makers alike for its simple and quick-easy selling system. You can start for free and only pay the PayPal fees on what you sell. You can trial 5 products for free and see what works for your market and how your customers engage ­– great for trialling your best sellers! And, if you find it suits your business then it costs just £6.93 ($9.99) to have up to 25 products to sell, along with a few other perks. You get your own domain (web address) which you can customise. You might want to put this on your business cards or leaflets to advertise to potential customers. It’s simple, no computer wizardry needed. Why not give it a go and see how it works? It’s a great way to test the water without heavily investing into a venture that might not work for your business.