How to do your own PR as a small business

Good public relations and positive press coverage is vital for UK small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), however, some small companies, especially when they are just starting out, cannot afford to utilise the services of a specialist PR agency. kinex looks into how to manage your public relations and gain positive press coverage as a small business.

Learn the trade

Start by learning how to write an effective press release. Conduct research on blogs and news sites to see how the experts construct press releases. By doing this, you will ensure that you pen releases which contain the information necessary to ensure they are picked up by media outlets. If possible hire an in-house PR writer or a freelancer, who will bring this specialist knowledge into your company.

Gather your contacts

Effective PR must be newsworthy in order to be picked up by media outlets. With media relations tools such as Response Source, this has never been easier. The platform will alert you to journalist requests for information on topical issues, allowing you to craft releases which are more likely to appeal to media outlets.

Target your approach

Many businesses, especially start-ups, believe that any coverage is good coverage. It is, however, important to think about your target audience by tailoring stories to a range of relevant industry publications and business portals, as well as local and national press. These media outlets will have different audiences and all require a tailored approach.

Find a good story

Media outlets will not publish every story. When you are putting together a release, ask yourself “if I was a reader, would this story interest me?” Releases which feature unique stories, especially those backed by statistics, are more likely to prove effective because media outlets have more reason to publish this content.

Release market research

Jim Wilson, founder of online retailer Born Gifted, commented to Management Today that “it is important to keep on top of the current trends and conversations in your own particular business area” when writing PR. If you conduct market research and use it for PR purposes, you can take part in a wider industry discussion. This could increase the likelihood that media outlets will pick up your releases, since you are providing them with information they wish to cover in their publications.

Publicise your company

PR will help you increase brand awareness and publicise your business to a wider audience, generating new business and increasing turnover.  With online PR tools like Response Source, it has never been easier for SMEs to do their own PR. You may want to invest in first-rate broadband services, such as those offered by kinex, to help you utilise online tools your business needs to do its own PR.

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