FSB reveals how you can strike a healthier work/life balance

Starting and running your own company can be hard work, especially at the beginning. Digital technologies have made it easier to run a business remotely, but harder to strike a good work/life balance, as you can be contacted for work purposes anytime, anywhere. Lobbying group the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) recently talked to Start-Ups and discussed how you can strike a healthier work/life balance.

Manage your time

According to the FSB, it is vital that you learn how to manage your time effectively, so you can actively schedule relaxation time. Use a calendar to plot out both your working week and weekend. Make sure you set clear time windows for work and relaxation and stick to your plan where possible.

You may also want to develop a system to prioritise your tasks and deadlines. This will allow you to identify those tasks which must be handled immediately and those which can wait while you spend time away from the business. You may want to invest in time management apps such as Wunderlist, which helps you handle multiple projects, to ensure you use your time more effectively.

Delegate work

As a business owner, you are more dependent upon the success of the business than anyone else. You may feel as though you need to run your company on your own to ensure it thrives. The FSB advises you to remember that if you have employees, you took them on because they are talented. Delegate tasks to competent team members so you can focus on issues which actually demand your attention.

If you do not have employees, think about hiring freelancers where appropriate. Freelancers work project-by-project, so you can draw on their considerable experience as and when it suits you. Freelance UK advises that it is essential that you write an accurate work brief if you decide to pursue this option, so your freelancer can execute the required task according to your wishes.

Switch technology off

Modern technologies make it easier than ever for people to set up a business in their own home. But with desktops and mobiles in close reach, there is always the temptation do just a little more work. It is key, the FSB says, that you turn technological devices off when you are not working, so your business cannot distract you from living your life. 

The Federation also advises you to invest in a specific work phone. With two separate mobile devices, you will not be tempted to keep working on the go, so you can leave your business behind at the end of the day. It is key that if you pursue this option, you invest in the mobile infrastructure necessary to operate remotely. Check out our business mobile packages if you’re interested in a dedicated work mobile.

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