Five Facebook video marketing strategies for your business

Increasingly, video is becoming an incredibly powerful online marketing tool. Figures quoted by the Guardian suggest that by 2017, video will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic. If you want to utilise this medium effectively, think about posting videos on Facebook, whose users now watch 100 million hours of video per day, to broadcast your business’ brand principles to a vast audience. Kinex reveals five Facebook video marketing strategies for your business.

Upload your videos directly

You can either upload your videos directly to Facebook, or via links to sites such as YouTube. Adopt the former approach, as directly uploaded videos auto-play in users’ news feeds. Linked videos do not auto-play, so users have to click the link to view the content. In this fast-paced digital world, people are often less willing to view content that they have to make a concerted effort to engage with. By directly uploading your videos, you will increase the chances of consumers watching your content.

Also, when a user clicks on a linked video, it opens in a new window. Facebook wants people to stay on their site, giving preference to ‘native’ videos, so people are more likely to engage with them. But you can use your business’ existing YouTube videos on Facebook. Instead of linking to them, upload them directly to the platform, allowing you to re-purpose existing content and streamline marketing costs. Facebook’s viewing times are shorter than YouTube’s, so select your clips carefully.

Shorten longer videos   

Advice portal Small Business advises you to “edit longer videos down to create a shorter version,” which you can then post on Facebook. This will allow you to re-purpose longer content, which busy consumers may not wish to take the time to engage with. For example, you could shorten a 20 minute ‘how to’ clip down to two minutes, only including the key steps in the process.

On social media, if you do not hook your audience in within three seconds, you will lose them. When editing down longer clips for Facebook, make the opening three seconds extremely striking. Include a call to action (CTA) linking the clip to the longer video so consumers can learn more about your business. It is wise to include eye-catching CTAs in all videos, increasing your chances of attracting new business. Utilise a custom thumbnail CTA to ensure they really stand out to consumers.

Develop unique content

If you have the resources, develop unique content specifically for Facebook. By taking this approach, you will be able to gain an edge over competitors, providing consumers with content that they cannot find anywhere else. It is important that you strive to make unique content shareable, so it reaches as many of your target consumers on Facebook as possible.

There are three things that make video content shareable; if it is inspiring, informative and entertaining. If you manage to combine the two, e.g. you post an informative, yet entertaining video, your content could even go viral!

Utilise Facebook tools

There are various Facebook tools that you can use to increase video engagement rates. To make it easier for your followers to find your content, organise your clips into playlists by categories such as topic, type and date. You could also post a ‘featured video’ on your page, so it appears prominently. When utilising this strategy, choose stronger clips such as ‘explainer’ videos for new products and services, so you feature content prominently that users are more likely to engage with.

Measure results

It is vital that when video marketing on Facebook, you measure results to determine whether you are receiving return on investment. Facebook provides a range of metrics tools that you can utilise for this purpose, including one devoted to audience retention which shows how long consumers are watching your clips. For example, if the tool illustrates that your followers are only watching 20 seconds of a two-minute clip, you should start posting shorter videos to Facebook, to save time and money.  

Invest in broadband

To utilise Facebook video marketing successfully, it is vital that you can access outstanding broadband. This will allow you to react quickly to emerging trends and develop videos that consumers want to engage with, drawing attention to your business’ brand. Kinex supplies thefirst-rate business broadband services that you need to wield the power of video marketing effectively on Facebook.

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