Calling all retailers - Black Friday 2016 is approaching. Are you ready?

When you think of a busy retail day, you could be mistaken for thinking of every Saturday. However, there are other times when the consumer market goes into overdrive. November 25th aka Black Friday is one of those times, not to mention the ever-increasingly popular Cyber Monday. But as a small business, time isn’t always on your side so with Black Friday on the horizon, we’ve come up with some top tips on how to have a successful Black Friday 2016.  


Planning is crucial to hosting any event, especially one like Black Friday. You need to plan everything from stock to pricing to computer hosting (if selling online) to staffing. Your business needs to be ready for what could be a rather ‘blown out of the water’ weekend. No one’s systems are generally geared to go from zero to 100mph without some hiccups along the way, so pre-empt any foreseeable problems as best you can.

Manage expectations

Expect the unexpected. Your Black Friday campaign could be a sensation, but it could just as easily be a disappointment. Don’t be surprised if you experience a lull in sales during the week before Black Friday as people hold off for special deals, so forecast for that. 


You’ll need to let your audience know that you’ll have some unmissable deals on Black Friday. A smart thing to do is to work out how you can upsell to these buyers in order to maximise total sales, especially if some of it isn’t discounted.


Ensure you’re able to deliver, if you only have 1,000 products in stock, make sure your online sales software doesn’t permit you to sell 10,000. And with that in mind don’t oversell on your delivery either, don’t promise a 3-day delivery if you’re not sure you can handle it. Be prepared to deal with returns and queries, especially if you’re shifting a lot of units.

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