How much could I save on my water bills?

No business wants to spend more than they need to, especially for essential water and waste water services. So, if you could choose a company which could save you money whilst providing a great service, why wouldn’t you?

Whatever the size of your business, you can take control of your water bills by switching to us. The following are three real examples of businesses that have saved money as a result of switching to us:



Small company

Based in Lanark, this business usually spends around £60 per month on their water bills with kinex water and now saves around £170 per year as a result of the switch. A saving which the owner is now able to re-invest in order to grow and develop.




Medium company

Based in Hamilton, this business has seven full time employees and typically spends around £690 per month with kinex Water. It now makes an annual saving of approximately £820! A significant saving like this can be vital for any business, whether it would like to invest that saving or simply cut back on expenditure.




Large company

Large leisure operator consisting of over 40 venues. After switching to kinex Water, the company saved over £50,000 per year! A huge saving which could be used in a number of ways ranging from staff incentives to facility upgrades.

Note: Prices compared with Business Stream Standard Rates published as of 01/04/2016.