It’s (almost) time to choose your water supplier

From April 2017, businesses and other non-household water customers such as charities will be able to choose their water and wastewater service supplier.

What does this mean?

The water supply in England has traditionally been split into regions, with each region having their own water supplier. These water suppliers both maintain the water system and bill customers for the water which passed through their meters.

This is about to change. From April 2017, businesses will be able to choose which company supplies their water services.



What are the benefits?

The introduction of competition to the water industry in England is intended to provide customers with the opportunity to choose a water supplier that better suits their needs.

Retailers will compete for custom based on price and service. This means customers should be able to benefit from reduced water costs and improved service.

Will my water change?

There’s no need to worry about any changes to the water quality you receive. The water system will continue to be maintained by the regional water provider which will act as a wholesaler, providing water on a wholesale basis to water retailers.

How does it work?



Wholesale suppliers

Regional water suppliers will continue to maintain the water network and provide water and wastewater services to water retailers.

Water retailers

Water retailers will purchase water services from wholesale suppliers, setting their own prices and packaging their water services with other services in order to add value for the customer.

Water retailers will represent the first point of contact for customers and will provide them with billing, meter reading and customer services.


From April 2017, non-household water customers such as businesses, public sector bodies and charities will be able to choose which company supplies their water and wastewater services.



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