kinex Community Support Scheme

In our regional offices across the UK, we get to hear about some fantastic community groups and organisations that are providing invaluable services to improve the quality of life for local people.

We’re keen to play our part in recognising and rewarding these amazing efforts.

And that’s why we’ve launched the kinex Community Support Scheme, to grant financial awards to the people who are making a positive impact in their community and who will benefit most from our support.

Typical awards will be between £100 and £500.


Application criteria

Applications must be from a group or organisation and not an individual. And we want to hear about projects and activities that will have a long-term benefit for the local community. Political, religious or commercial activities, or those involving animals, are unlikely to be considered.

And priority is always given to first-time applications.

To ensure that every application is treated fairly and equally, they’re considered by our special panel. But, because this panel only meets twice a month, please understand that it’s difficult to deal with short-term applications.

Please email us at to receive your application form.



Previous recipients

FUSHIA - Sunderland wellbeing group 

FUSHIA was born through the personal experience of the caring for a chronic heroin addict and provides a unique personalised service to the carers and family members affected by a loved one’s substance misuse. On receiving the £500 Community Support Scheme funding, Karyn said: “We’re beyond happy and thankful to receive this award contribution, it will give our carers much-needed respite from the daily struggles they face. It will go a long way in providing the resources for our craft classes which our carers love so much.”

TDAS - Trafford Domestic Abuse Services

The kinex Community Support Scheme made its first donation to Trafford Domestic Abuse Services (TDAS). The group used our contribution to fund a stress management and relaxation session for people who have been affected by domestic abuse.