What do small business owners need to succeed?

It takes a lot of time and energy, as well as the right tools and strategies, to run a small business. Familiarise yourself with what’s necessary to launch and maintain a small company in order to ensure it grows and thrives. kinex asks; what do small business owners need to succeed?

Good working space

If you find the right working space for your business, you can maintain the focus needed to develop a productive venture. Should you invest in office space or work from home? Office space can prove costly, so if you pursue this option ensure it suits your requirements e.g. provides easy access for staff and customers, to make the most out of your investment.

If you decide to operate from home, you may need to rely on broadband to execute vital business tasks remotely. A recent poll from of 2,000 UK customers from Bootsy, a broadband ‘top up’ solutions supplier, found that slow home broadband speeds are impeding UK business productivity, so ensure you invest in first-rate broadband services to cultivate a thriving enterprise.

Appropriate professional services

Fortitude Magazine advises: “Hire professionals who can give you the assistance and advice you need to not only make sound decisions, but to also keep track of your company’s finances and ensure you can grow your assets.” Enlist the aid of a professional accountant to help you handle essential financing matters such as tax obligations. Also hire a lawyer to ensure your company can access the legal advice required to succeed within the relevant UK regulatory frameworks.

Strong brand identity

It is key that you cultivate a strong brand identity for your business, as this will disseminate your company’s core values among your target consumer base. With consumers increasingly researching local businesses on the internet, cultivate a strong online presence through which you can communicate your brand ideals to potential customers.

Recent research from the .uk domain operator Nominet, shows that a website can serve as a vital business tool. In this study, it was shown that UK tradespeople who have their own website pick up an extra 21 jobs per year, earning an extra £16,590. Start by purchasing an easy-to-remember URL (ideally your company’s name) to ensure it can be found online by consumers. Ensure your company’s branding e.g. colours and logo, remains consistent across your website and other digital assets so you cultivate a strong brand voice which speaks to consumers.

Social media strategies

Enhance your branding strategy by engaging with consumers via social media. Create profiles on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, so you can broadcast your brand’s principles to a vast audience, helping your business attract a broader customer base and raising conversion rates. It is key that you conduct extensive market research so you can target the platforms most popular with your consumer base, maximising return on investment on online marketing capital.

Useful business apps

You can download a number of handy smartphone apps to make your company more productive and streamline operating costs. For example with Nutcache, which is free and supports up to 20 team members, you can keep track of time and log all work completed. This allows your business to manage its employees’ time more effectively, so they can focus on making your venture a success.

In order to make the most of business apps, as well as engage with consumers via digital assets to build a strong brand identity, you may want to invest in effective mobile technology. Kinex supplies first-rate business broadband services you require to develop a profitable small business.

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