Five handy smartphone apps for small business owners

Smartphones can serve as the ultimate business tool. By strategically downloading bookkeeping and time management apps to your team’s devices, you can streamline operating costs and make your company more efficient. kinex outlines five handy smartphone apps for small business owners.


Built specifically for teams, Hipchat is a business-friendly messaging interface. With this app, which is free to download for Windows, Android and iOS, you can capitalise on safe, secure chatrooms to communicate seamlessly with colleagues and clients in real-time. According to Real Business, meetings can cost a business £16,000 per person, per year, so this app can really help cut costs.

Zoho Books

Available for iOS and Android, Zoho Books costs as little as £6 a month. This handy app is worth the investment, as Zoho Books can be used to carry out a number of vital small business tasks. This includes invoicing, recruiting, sales and marketing, making Zoho Books a great accountancy app for small companies. It also features an email collaboration tool for teams, further helping you streamline operating expenses.


The ultimate project management app, Nutcache is completely free and supports up to 20 team members. This programme helps your company keep track of time and log all work completed. It’s the perfect app for new business owners who need to manage their time efficiently at the start of their company’s lifespan to create an efficient schedule, as well as freelancers who need an easy way to bill clients. Nutcache can be downloaded for various platforms such as Android.


This image-based app will change how you do business. With Expensify, you can simplify routine tasks such as transcribing messy, note-ridden receipts. All you have to do is take a picture of the receipt and the app will present its information in a neatly formatted, concise report. Expensify, which is available for just a couple of pounds for businesses and can be downloaded for Android and iOS, can save you an hour per week, freeing you up to focus on more important tasks.


Free, flexible and easy-to-use, Trello could prove a major asset to your business. The app, available for Android and iOS, is a visually-based project management tool. It features ‘boards’ representing projects, which carry ‘cards’ detailing individual tasks. With this tool, you can assess projects just by looking at the board, which unrolls updates in real-time so you can always track progress efficiently among your team, making project management more efficient.

Capitalise on smartphones

Smartphones provide access to a wide range of apps, for example Expensify and Trello, which enable effective team working, allowing your company to streamline operations and facilitate growth. In order to utilise app tools effectively, you will need to ensure your team has access to first-rate, cost-effective smartphone technology. Kinex provide a comprehensive range of business mobile services, ensuring you can find handsets which suit your business’ requirements.

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